Thursday, May 19, 2011

maybe a new cover song

my mom used to listen to the beatles. she tells me she would play the records when she was pregnant with me and when I was growing up. funny thing is, I really don't remember it, but I know a lot of beatles songs, so it must be true.
I definitely remember the album box/sit on it stool filled with all my parent's vinyl. I distinctly remember the way those records smelled, too.
I know that I used to get embarrassed when I would pull out the one with the dark haired lady, wearing a whipped cream dress.
and I would get excited when I saw puff the magic dragon
roger whittaker has been known to escape from my lips, too (usually in the shower and always in french. weird)
simon and garfunkel were there
the rolling stones
classical music, too.
rich, varied, beautiful and definitely part of who I turned out to be.

I have my own meager collection of vinyl but our record player is currently out of service. I also blogged once about my favourite album of ever and how I didn't keep it

and how much I want it back

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