Friday, May 13, 2011

maybe I'll get my posts back

maybe I shouldn't rely so heavily on my computer.
it's not going to kill me to lose the posts I have written since monday, but it would really be hard if I lost all the posts I have ever written.
sometimes I think I should make up a few of those books I've seen my american friends with ... where you pay online to have your blog posts turned into a hardcover book.

then again ...

what I should really do is go cut the front and back lawns, before it starts to rain.
instead, I will experiment with some new cover songs until it's time for me to drive to rehearsal.
(it's important to both know yourself and embrace the truth)

1 comment:

The dB family said...

Lol! You are the best!! I lost some posts too. Grr! I can't even remember what I wrote. Oh well, unimportant then. I'm going to go finish making a pie (when the counter top guys leave) and mow the lawn because I want to. That's if it doesn't rain first!

Happy singing!