Sunday, May 8, 2011

mom ... no maybe!

I am a mom.
I love that. I am so glad that things turned out the way they did, even if nothing was "planned".
kids are awesome in every way. seriously.
like, for example, they really help make the time fly by.
one minute, you are changing diapers, the next minute you are helping them think about life after high school. at least it seemed to fly by for me.
and they constantly compare me to things that are, apparently, ancient, not seeming to realize that all these antiques are actually younger than me.

thankfully, I still have both of my boys living at home so I have, Lord willing, a few more years to be sarcastic, laugh a ton, cry a bit and just generally marvel at these two young men, wondering how I got to be so blessed.
they are both way taller than me now. that seemed to happen overnight, too. and man can they eat.

and they both enjoy great music and appreciate fantastic literature. this makes me insanely proud.
there are some things I never thought I would hear myself say to them, though, or hear out of their mouths, for example:

me: Jonam, come over here, quick ... I need you to light something on fire for me

Evan: I need to buy some short shorts

good times

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