Sunday, June 26, 2011

fan of flying

well, not really and truly. i don't love flying but i don't hate it either. i've flown a fair number of times in the last few years and really don't have anything to complain about except that the ADD that i don't really have seems to appear pretty much right after the plane levels out.
i mean, it just ends up feeling so claustrophobic and limiting and not what i want to be doing for a million hours.
the guy next to me, at the window, got out of his seat when i went to the bathroom.
yes, i generally announce it every time.
anyway, i went to the bathroom and noticed the door wasn't closed, and the occupant light was not on so i figured i was safe.
wide stewardess was in there, doing her hair, and even though i said sorry, like a good canuck, she huffed at me, slowly closed the door and made me wait. *i say she was wide only because she seemed extremely adept at bumping into neal every time she walked past him and, of course, woke him up from his i just feel asleep nicely state.

then, as she was exiting the bathroom, she totally stepped on my feet, like i wasn't supposed to be standing where i was. you flown domestic lately? not a whole lotta runnin around room. it was kind of odd, really, since we have not encountered a single cranky steward or stewardess in a long, long time. in any case, i went back to my seat. the guy beside me had already returned and i guess he decided it was a good time to offer me bits and bites. i said no thanks and offered him some licorice. he didn't want any. but he did find it funny that wide stewardess told him he couldn't buy a sandwhich anymore (too late in the flight?) and that was why she handed him three packs of snack. i told him she stepped on my feet and that obviously meant she didn't think *i* was cute. he laughed, then said "this feels like the longest flight of my entire life"
no kidding
he must have hidden ADD, too.

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