Saturday, June 25, 2011

fan of the hillbilly prom theme

so much has happened since i last blogged. i still have zero idea how all those other people blog, consistently, while still, somehow, simultaneously, living the life they are blogging, cause when life is happening to me ... um, yah, compy is not with.

but i digress.
and i am famous for setting the dates of my posts to reflect the time the event occured, not the time i am blogging about it, because it would drive me insane otherwise. anal. i know.

this is a pic of us before going out to a friend's hillbilly prom stag and doe.
i got a few nasty looks as i saddled up to the bar.
one woman seriously came over and started rubbing the sides of my belly, proclaiming me to be "just the most cutest preg ... wait ... you're not even pregnant!"

i just smiled and took another sip.

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