Thursday, June 30, 2011

fan of westjet

wednesday was a long day. our first flight left kelowna international airport at 7:15 am, which didn't sound too awful when I first booked it, but I never think about how early I will actually have to leave my bed in order to get to the airport.
and I so did not want to come back home.

good thing I am a very light packer. only took a carry-on bag and my laptop. I do love clothes and shoes but I can also be pretty practical when I need to be. the best part was not having to check it all and wait for it. it thankfully meant a breazy time at every airport there and back. well done.

no one stepped on my toes, tv was pretty decent (coming from a girl with no cable or satellite anyway) and I actually slept a bit on the way home, too. all our flights were uneventful, on time, and during the day so there was a lot of stuff to see out the window if I wanted.

but five flights in less than two months makes me think I'm good for a while again.

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