Wednesday, June 29, 2011

tuesday fan

tuesday I had the day off to check stuff out, shop and get my bearings as a whole.

it started out at bean scene, over a cup of vegan basmati rice pudding and a mug of okanagan white vanilla tea. so yum.

sunglasses are a must in kelowna, and mine recently broke, so I had to get a new pair.

the vintage 1950's cotton dress and matching balero jacket was also, suddenly, a must. michelle knows all the coolest cats and where they sell their wares. I took it to my friend marion, who is the wonderful woman sisters by choice are privileged to sing and model for, and she told me I had better keep an eye on it because she wants it. high praise from the woman who owns the largest and coolest dressup things in the entire world. she also told me to let my husband know that I got a real steal; she has yet to purchase anything from that era for so little.

sweetens the deal even more.
one day I'll post pics of me and the dress in all its glory.

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