Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bucket list?

my boys had the pleasure and privilege of working with the infamous nancy keys, here in town. i know we are all going to miss young company, now known as lambton young theatre players.

having my kids in theatre has opened their eyes to so much more than even i anticipated. they are polite, can speak easily in groups, and have little trouble addressing a crowd (especially if they can make the people laugh). they have had to memorize lines, co-ordinate schedules, do a lot of thankless, behind the scenes grunt work and put their best foot forward regardless of their audience.

putting on a poker face is also a useful skill (thank you ever so much to colin doyle for teaching them how to play. the other missionary families in png appreciated it immensely when my boys tried to pass the skill on), as is stomping as a group, wearing bunny ears well and making it appear as though your off-key choral singing was all part of the plan.

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