Thursday, July 21, 2011

if i had a pool

... i would so relish the cool water, but, alas, i am far too lazy to even think about maintenance so a pool owner i doubt i will ever be.
and in lots of ways, i prefer swimming in the lake anyway. i don't even care about the e-coli warnings. never used to matter when i was a kid.

my babysitter would take me to the lake on a regular basis, treating me to mackie's fries and orange aide. i seem to remember that it was her grandpa or someone closely related that opened mackies in the first place. swell guy, whoever he was. i love their special sauce, too. don't care what its made of, kerrie ... can't sway me. it was a ritual of summer.

this is so totally and completely, hands down, my most favourite season of all. i can never get enough of summer.

i love the things that summer brings

i remember day camp counselling, late night swims, camping out on the sand overnight, talking till dawn, eating toasted tomato sandwhiches and drinking swiss mocha coffee. my best memories are all from summers. summer just always feels real, and right
summer renews my faith in a lot of things
summer restores what winter tried to take away

i will even admit to reading an article in cosmo stating that men desire more intimacy in summer (july to be presise). huh. i should poll my lady friends and ask if they concur

i'm kind of guessing that with this heat wave, they could care less
... unless they have a pool ;)

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The dB family said...

You welcome to come swim in our pool!! I heartily agree with you on summer. Love it!! Ummm yeah, we enjoy late night swims...

Love you!