Friday, July 29, 2011

my head is swimming

i hope i'm
creative enough
strong enough
empathetic enough
a good enough friend
giving enough
educated enough
open enough

going to make a difference


The dB family said...

You will be and you will because you are AWESOME!

See you Monday!!

Anonymous said...

To steal from the language of Underland folk - You have become much more 'muchier' and your muchness will be more than enough.

Kelly said...

You draw people to you where ever you go! You are good,you will do well!
I toatally agree with Deborah you are awesome.


Jennifer said...

I think:
You are very thoughtful
You are very capable
You are very aware
You are very interesting
You are very you, which is very good news, because I also think you are wicked cool. ;)

But I had to come up with my own 'stuff' because the Underland folks didn't speak to me (and I truly wish they had, they say it so well!)