Thursday, July 28, 2011


What is your biggest pet peeve?

well ... i have a few. apparently i keep most of them shelved, though, unlike SOME PEOPLE who i live with!

it seems *i* irritate those in this shared dwelling fairly often. imagine that. like when i hang things on doorknobs. huh. or "forget" to put new rolls of toilet paper in the cupboard. usually bites me in the butt first anyway, so i fail to see the importance, really.
or when i leave clothes in the washer
or conveniently "forget" to start cooking at a good time so we have to go to the grocery store and purchase new foodstuffs or have to go out to eat.

or the fact that i won't call to order pizza. barb knows. i.just.don't.
that's why i had kids, right?

or when i say i'll be somewhere then change my plans when something else comes along that also sounds like a grand idea. and i don't always apologize for it.


i really *am* irritating


Anonymous said...

whoa, I thought the "won't order pizza over the phone" was just me. -seems a family trait after all.

Kelly said...

Great post Kristina! You are wayyy too funny!
My biggest pet peeve is....when people eat loudly or smuck their food. Not cool.