Monday, July 25, 2011

swim night again

we scored tonight for sure ... waves ... and lots of them.
i know they look weeny in the picture but trust me, they weren't. the undertow wasn't too bad, which is a good thing, cause we like to ride them as far back into shore as we can. when the undertow is strong, you get sucked under and held for a long time. makes what is supposed to be fun turn kinda scary pretty quickly.

the sun shone long into the evening and we had the entire beach front to ourselves (mostly cause this beach is private, but still).
last night was great, just me and my oldest, even though i came out of the water with a seaweed bathing suit underneath my real one.
and totally worth it

this beach is nicer, even though it's maybe only a five minute drive down from the public one and it is usually all sand. because of the big storm saturday, though, there were pebbles for the first few feet. no big deal.
i had a blast

... there's just something about me and water

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The dB family said...

I hear ya!! I have a thing for water too. Will try and get the books to you asap. We'll just order Dave's so we can have our own set. Gotta go finish reading now!