Tuesday, July 26, 2011

not in my mouth

when i first started blogging with this month's theme of swim i wasn't entirely sure i could come up with enough stuff.

seems like every time i start to write a post lately, it has water or aquatic parts to it, even if i don't intend it to.
tonight was no exception.

see, we had a rather impressive storm out in these parts on saturday night. i only know this, really, because i was sitting in a pub eating chicken wings and drinking orange juice when it started to get a little windy. no big deal ... the pub is at the lake so it's normal for the weather to be slightly exaggurated (must be what draws me). i was INside the restaurant, talking away happily with a friend i hadn't seen in about a year when i noticed the people on the patio were looking over the water. not to be outdone, i looked, too.

i saw nothing

then neal pointed out the two funnel shaped clouds, hovering over the lake but not touching. crazy. then the rain came. pounding, driving, should.be.hail.in.there. rain. everyone OUTside had to suddenly bring their foodstuffs in, where there was a serious lack of seating. i still didn't really think much of the storm cause i knew it would pass soon enough and we would get back to the movie set where neal and our friend were acting in possibly the second cheesiest movie yet made. (kudos to my friend for being in the MOST cheesy movie ever. i watched the trailer today. wow. he should not tell any more people)

well, it has been both speculated and confirmed by a well respected farmer in the area that a funnel cloud did, indeed, touch down, taking five hydro towers and 22 utility poles out. there were also assorted chickens and sheep killed but no count was available. anyway, we came home from filming to find our boys sitting on the livingroom couches, surrounded by lit candles. our power had gone out around 8pm and did not get restored until after 2pm the next day.

why do i tell you all of this? well, first of all, because i didn't think i could get away with posting yet another picture of me at the lake, though that is what i did after i finished work for the day. second, because neal convinced me that the meat in the upper part of our fridge ... that terribly small freezer section ... was still crystallized and was, therefore, fine. i am fairly certain i suggested, calmly, that the ice crystals were, in fact, only on the packaging, and not encompassing said meats. i was overruled.

let's just say that the next time i come in contact with salmon that tastes and smells more like sausage, i will know better.

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