Thursday, July 7, 2011

things went swimmingly

what a great week so far. driving was fairly uneventful, except of course the first cut off to waterloo had to be closed literally less than twenty feet away from where I needed to turn.
and so was the second one.
the third exit was so remote and hilly I could have sworn I was in the foothills of good ole tennessee. I even had to dodge numerous piles of fresh horse droppings since the road took me through amish country. would have been really breath taking if I hadn't already been driving close to three hours at this point.

I stayed with a very close friend for the couple nights I was in town. perfect. we got to eat at a favourite restaurant of ours, sat out on her front porch with some tasty beverages and other friends, slept super well, enjoyed a night walk for some tea and spent time just being able to talk, talk, talk. I felt so calm the days I was there ... I was so sad to leave.

my course was fantastic. I learned tons and even got to speak tok pisin in the last five minutes, seemingly out of nowhere, as I discovered one of the level I's, over from Seattle, is soon leaving for PNG. I took a chance and asked him a question in tok pisin and with super wide eyes he happily answered back!

the drive home was fine, also. perfect weather and not too many slow drivers to make me crazy. mcdonalds was, as usual, mouth-wateringly amazing for the first third then completely vomitrotious for the last. I have no idea why I keep trying to win myself over when I know this is exactly how it's going to go. creature of habit, I guess.

tomorrow commences art in the park ... early.

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cageddragon said...

McDonalds does me the same way. Unless it's the milkshakes.