Tuesday, August 16, 2011

montana to calgary

the best part of billings, montana was the steak. like maybe the.best.steak.ever.good. but it was also state fair week so trying to find a place to sleep was not going to happen. we had to hop in the car and drive for a while to find last night's gem.

it smelled like dill.
like serious dill.

and it had the kind of hallways featured in the shining (not that i have ever seen the shining. but i've been told). the internet was not working properly which made me realize that while it was fun to mostly take a break from texting and stuff, i was starting to miss it. it was, also, ironically, the most expensive room we have stayed in on our trek so far.

today we drove ten hours. well, he drove while i listened to music and played in my yes and know secret pen hangman book or ate. i'm not the most awesome passenger. i get wobbly legs. and i forget to take pictures, or the ones i do take are not not anything. i know because i ask my family and they usually say meh so i delete.

and then all you get is a bunch of boring words for a blog post.
and then i go to bed.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Hi Kristina,
I love your posts... thanks for bringing us along on your travels!!!
I love your pics so far keep them coming.

Love ya Sista,

PS Did you get to the mall???