Sunday, August 14, 2011

on the road again

arrived safely in rapid city, south dakota. the drive felt pretty long cause there isn't a ton to look at along the way, though you do see the occasional patch of rolling hills and cattle. not like back home ... cows and corn everywhere there. here we saw lots of sunflowers and something else i don't know. maybe sorghum?

first stop was mitchell, minnesota, to see the corn palace. wow. evan didn't even get out of the car. jonam was a trooper. it was ... well, it was a lot of corn that appeared to be glued to the surface of an arena. and inside the arena you could buy jewelery, and magnets and popcorn.
and so i did (minus the jewelery). good times.

then the plan was to drive to somewhere in south dakota. stupid road signs all down the 90 telling you to go to wall drug. even a bumper sticker saying "what the heck is wall drug?" the signs saying fresh homemade donuts finally did it for me. i couldn't resist. the verdict? so not even close to spicer's doughnuts. *sigh* i am just going to have to get over that.

wall drug was fun i suppose. i scarfed down the buffet dinner in a very unladylike and piggish way but girl was hungry! we didn't stay long. it was tacky and touristy and i didn't need a mini licence plate with my name on it as a souvenier thank you.

so now it's of to another hotel, in another state, hopefully to sleep!

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