Wednesday, August 31, 2011

last post of august

I truly do not know where the summer has gone, and would be more than a little bit bummed by that fact, except I love my job and so my disappointment with summer's end is happily displaced with thoughts of the fall and all the clients it brings. I'm also curious to experience my first ever autumn out west.

Tonight was a great night for a bike ride, but even though my groovy bike has successfully been repaired for a measly $35, thank you very much union cycle I was not able to go for a ride. This is what everyone else saw at the park.

Dance lessons
yoga classes
and the last music and movie for the season.
bummer I missed every one.
c'est la vie.

I stayed home 'cause I have lots of reading to do in preparation for first aid/cpr training tomorrow.

I totally have no memory of any pre-reading in times past, but I also don't remember being able to get certification in only one day so I'd say it's a happy trade off.
It's been a long time since I took the course and it will be a long day, but then it's one last long weekend til we hunker down and settle in to our new routine.

life is good.

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Kelly said...

Thinking of you Kristina with your new adventures ahead. I am sending my best wishes and good vibes your way.