Friday, September 16, 2011


today was another long but productive day, so the evening's menu held extra special appeal to me

first, it was Thai sweet potato soup and a build your own salad from the chopped leaf. i will definitely have to go eat there again

then, there was a free showing of The 5ifty/Pacific Cinemathique and it was really well done. of course i got the popcorn, which i never do, and i kind of regret it, but it smelled soooooo good and after a long week, i was extra vulnerable, and it came in a bucket for only 44 more cents so ... yah

i wasn't alone. there were LOTS of buckets in the theatre

to cap it all off, back at the office i discovered a box of dark chocolates, already opened, beckoning to me

i responded in kind
i'm good that way

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