Saturday, September 17, 2011

sent it back

Have you ever returned a meal to a restaurant kitchen? What did you order?

well, no
not exactly,
but this prompt was kind of appropriate for today considering the fact that for the absolute first time i can ever recall i told someone

unless you really really know me, you would have no idea how almost cataclysmic that is in my wee world. we are talking mind-blowingly, hugely worth noting wow-ness.

i have never told someone that what they served me was not cool (excepting my mom and it never got me anywhere so i stopped ... eventually)

but today i had a DQ craving and neal happily indulged me seeing as it was something on the 2 for $4 menu. but the problem came when i made an assumption and right now i can picture mr. maclean, in grade 6, saying you know what happens when you assume

well, we orderd two dipped cones, but i NEVER GET CHOCOLATE
as a rule

as a rule

but as she started dipping my ice creamy goodness into the vat of waxy brown dip it was too late, even though i put my hand up to signal her to please, for the love of God, stop!

and then she handed it to me
and i turned to neal and handed it to him
and i believe i actually made a very immature face and said, outloud, that i would not eat it
i do not believe i stamped my three year old foot but i wanted to


i turned to the boy who was now behind the counter and calmly told him that had i realized i was going to be given no choice in dip, i would have asked for a plain cone. and i told him "i don't like chocolate dip. could you make me another one, not dipped?"

and by gosh and by golly he said "sure"
and totally made me a new cone
and handed it to me and said "here you go"

and i almost didn't know what to do next
but i figured it out
and it was the sweetest cone i've eaten in a long, long time

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