Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Visual-motor and Pencil Grip (praxis) helps

·     It is always important to monitor a child’s grip of any writing instrument, to see what needs work. Here are some ideas for helping with that pencil grasp:

·   Have child draw shapes, letters, numbers and other designs on a chalkboard
·   Dot to dot and tracing activities; start with straight lines and simple shapes
·   Draw two parallel lines an inch apart and have child draw a line in between, gradually narrowing the space as child gains more control
·   Tracing activities before moving to copying
·   Simple mazes
·   Chalk holders, triangle pencils
·   Pencil grippers or rubber band around pencil about 1” from tip of pencil
·   Insist on consistency in top to bottom and general left to right formation not on perfectly formed letters
·   Model correct pencil grip

·   Wire writing frame from zaner bloser

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