Friday, November 29, 2013

what started my therapist journey

I originally sent my youngest child to public school, when he was in grade three, because I was beginning to believe that my efforts to teach him were being met with too much resistance and not enough success.  While he was at school, his teacher telephoned me one day to tell me she suspected a learning disability; she thought I should begin researching Nonverbal learning as a very real possibility.

After crying with disappointment and breathing a huge sigh of revelatory relief and many years of research, I was told about NILD therapy, and urged to make application, myself, to become a therapist.  Though I have not formally had my youngest son tested yet (but plan to do so this year), I can see how we have both reaped huge, life-changing benefits already, after only one year of therapy.  Where he once was frustrated over tightly tying his shoelaces, writing in cursive, following multiple-stepped directions and making small talk with strangers, he now excels; no, he thrives!  Years of discouragement have been replaced with new days of joy.

As homeschoolers, we enjoyed incredible flexibility in our schedules, sleeping and eating patterns and were able to prepare ourselves, (yes, both of us!) for beginning high school.  So far, so great.  We are continuing therapy because we have seen firsthand that it works.  Tutoring only seemed to prolong the agony of “busy work” whereas therapy has meaning, both during the technique, and afterward, as my son applies the skills of a newly awakened brain to schoolwork, socializing, cleaning his room and planning his weekly activities around homework etc.

In short, educational therapy is giving us our lives back, one session at a time.

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