Friday, October 20, 2006

keeping the home fires burning

well, I thought I might get a head-start on blogging this evening as I have a busier than normal week ahead.

Tomorrow we drive to pick up E's new glasses. He has been needing them since the day I went to my best sister's to have tea and " jonam was being irritating so i hit him on the head with my glasses and the arm broke off. "

Yep. It happens on those days you know nothing will possibly happen.

I never seem to mind the drive though. It is breathtaking to me.

Wonderfully winding roads of sunshine and fall. I like to pass all the farms along the way and imagine that one of them is ours. My husband is keeping the woodstove welcome all the while sitting at his studio desk working on his latest charcoal creation or silverpoint success because he is a professional artist and I am his lovely wife with narry a headache or complaint.

I like to dream ...