Tuesday, October 17, 2006

stoking the fire, altered

well, last night I got an email saying that some of my work was posted on the web


and I felt a little accomplished for a change. Not that I do not love what I do at home but last night was an interesting night all together...

I had a play rehersal for Pollyanna and got a little " grilled " about homeschooling.

One of the ladies there had, of course, had an experience with a homeschool family that so sheltered their daughter that --- prepare yourself --- when playing Trivial Persuit, she only knew ( shock and horror ) Bible trivia ( gasp ) .... no History or Geography! Forsooth!

Imagine that! It could never happen that way if the poor dear had only been properly edumicated!!!

I have also been asked exactly three times in one month if I ask my children to wash and dress before commencing lessons, or do we Homeschool in our pajamas?

It was one of those nights that left me knowing, without a doubt, that I am doing exactly what I was created to do ... even if I AM in pajamas!