Wednesday, December 6, 2006

homeschooling is difficult

I recently came across a book's quote that I edited to fit a day in the life of a homeschooling family. Here goes,

HOMESCHOOLING IS DIFFICULT. We leave drawings unfinished and stories unwritten. We do work that does not feel like our own. We repeat ourselves. We stop before we have mastered our materials, or continue on long after their potential is exhausted. Often the work we have not done seems more real in our minds than the things we have completed. And so the questions arise: How does homeschooling get done? Why, often, does it not get done? And what is the nature of the difficulties that stop so many who start? (taken from Art and Fear)

Or, perhaps, better still to ask what is the cause of such reticence to begin at all?

Where have all the renegades gone? I have yet to personally meet one whose only goal is to please the Creator, who doesn't care one lick what the neighbours think.

Some days I think I would like to be known as a John the Baptist kind of homeschooler.

I would love to be a voice calling out in the desert places...perhaps a visit to the desert would be a good place to start.

It is awfully cold outside, afterall...

Maybe honey in my tea, sans locusts, is what Father is calling me to revive my spirit with.

Taking the time to rest in Him. To remind myself why we homeschool in the first place.

To home, with my children around me...all day.

In quietness and confidence to find my strength.

- and that's ok.