Sunday, May 27, 2007

train of thought

tomorrow I have to drive into town to attend jury selection.  I have been given much advice on this topic.  One woman suggested I tell the judges I have trouble sitting for long periods of time ... hmmm ... ask my kids ... not a problem.

another woman told me her husband borrowed a friend's leather jacket and went in with his arms crossed over his chest.  They rejected him.  He is also a very large farmer ... I am not.

my husband told me just recently a guy was already serving on a jury and asked to be excused to use the washroom, only he never came back into the courtroom.  tempting.  I used to hate recess in public school, so I would go into one of the bathroom stalls and stand on the toilet seat so the teacher would not see anyone in the washroom when she did her checks, and I could be spared (I was incredibly UN-athletic as a child.  no comment for my adult athletic ability)

I guess I just have to make myself get up in time and go tomorrow (a feat in itself).  Maybe my hoarse voice will simply put them off (I woke up yesterday with a nasty chest cold and sound like I have smoked for my whole life and then some) and I will be fine just as me ...

wouldn't it be great to be a homeschool reject?

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