Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday Timecapsule

If you would prefer the "all-in-one" style of vacation-recapping, then I suggest you visit the wonderful blog of my husband anotherblogonthefire .  He did his whole post up last night because we found out yesterday that he has pneumonia.  No wonder he kept coughing and was not feeling up to snuff while we were adventuring.  Poor guy.  He has to stay home from work for three days, and I get to sort of enjoy his company - whatever company he can be when he is not in bed sleeping!

Last Tuesday, we went to hear a wonderful speaker, Clayton Narveson, tell us about WWll and the Depression.  I found the whole thing very fascinating, and would have gladly listened for longer.  I was even impressed with the amount of American history questions I could answer.  My kids knew quite a lot as well.

Most impressive to me was the number of people who actually showed up to hear Mr. Narveson.  Over 120 Neal counted.  If someone had put that on for this area, I would be embarrassed at the lack of interest (guess it explains why things like that aren't attempted outside of the Public Schools (and only for Remembrance Day).  You can see that some people even had to stand!  Another reason to brag about homeschooling ... in Blount County ...

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