Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh, I love the things that summer brings ... and I know it is just around the corner. Bestsister has already discovered how immature I truly am so this book cover will come as no surprise to her. I own and treasure this book (along with Winter and A Fish Out of Water) as it is one of only a select number of things I chose to keep from my childhood. Lately, I have been pondering how amazing the memories of my own children are going to be. Just think how fascinated others will be, way down the road, when they speak with my two grown children only to discover they were, gasp, both homeschooled AND missionary kids in their lifetime.

I dreamt of being homeschooled before I ever knew what it was. I remember vividly the time I had mumps. No one ever gets the mumps, but I had it ... on both sides. I wasn't allowed to go to school until I had completely healed. I felt FINE. Glorious, in fact. I remember my mom being the best teacher a girl could ever hope for. She even had me go into the garage and do skipping (where I think she timed me) for gym class. I didn't know what you called it but I could have cared less if I never went back to "real school". It happened again the year I had mono. I almost failed that year in high school, but my mom was there all along, coaching me and helping me through. Then there was the summer leading up to my entering first year University. The school called to notify me that I was, actually, short one O.A.C. and needed to make it up. I don't remember how we found the online art course, but I do know I was too frazzled and neurotic to do all the assignments, so my mom drew a coffee mug and a set of spoons to help me out. I don't recall her score, but together we finished fine and I graduated with a degree after all. I find it interesting to note that all my best memories involve summer. The only exception I can come up with is my wedding. Interesting things just seem to wait until the weather warms.

All this to say that I love the things that summer brings, namely, our adventure to PNG. I cannot wait to hear, down the road, that my boys loved their time of endless summer and if they had it all to do over again, they would (and then some)