Thursday, June 12, 2008

first fry of the year

today was supposed to be a wonderful day ... then I went to the dentist. I am not entirely sure why I do this to myself, but I suppose good oral hygiene does help in keeping my man and my friends. It's just that it inevitably makes me feel old.


because each time I go (every nine months it has been) the dentist reminds me that I really should have my old silver fillings removed and replaced with the nice white porcelain ones. Who CHOOSES to do this? Who, in their right mind, would part with all that lovely and, I might add, handy to have around, c.a.s.h. to purposely fill their mouths with a foot of needle just to have one itty bitty bit of mercury-laden metal removed and replaced with something three times as expensive?

Now, I have thought about the mercury part of the arguement, but not seriously enough once I remember the nefarious needle nipping. My first filling since I was twelve landed on Evan's birthday last year and I was forced to drink one of Colin's smoothies instead of the hearty hamburgers I had purchased in order that we might celebrate in style. My mouth was WAY too frozen.

In all my childish glory, let me just say that I hope for two things for next week:

1. That the extra hygienist becomes conveniently UNavailable and, therefore, so does my potential priority appointment on Wednesday

2. The wee spots the dentist found do not grow in any way, shape or form over the next two and a half years until I can re-visit dental denial


Jeremy W. Johnston said...

I have the mercury-laden fillings too. I think it is affecting my memory and my sanity. At least, I blame my fillings for these recent developments in my pychological state. I was told recently by my current dentist that to remove the old fillings may actually increase the mercury poisoning. As the old stuff is drilled out, mercury dust inevitably gets into your blood.

On the subject of teeth... have you heard of "plackers"? They are little plastic thingys that make flossing a whole lot easier. I am a big fan of these things. I never really "got into" the whole flossing idea until I received "plackers". Take a two year supply with you to PNG.

SmallWorld Reads said...

So I've also had a dentist experience this week, and I have a FRACTURED tooth. Who gets a fractured tooth?? I need to "keep an eye" on it. If I become incapacitated with pain, I should go back in.


FinnishMummo said...

Sooo daughter dear. Leave all the teeth and parts thereof in that you can until absolutely necessary. You are no longer on my dental plan. It's my turn on Friday 20th. Six (6) out but yipee for IV pain meds and VALIUM drips. I'll be sooooo mellow. Plus I've have a fabulous smile for the goodbye do of the 28th *\O/* :-)