Tuesday, August 12, 2008

it's been a long time coming

I have been trying in vain to get on the internet since arriving in PNG. You don't realize how "Western" you really are until you suddenly find yourself catapulted back about twenty years, technologically speaking. Ok, so I exaggurate but I really and truly did not realize how joined at the hip I was to my computer until I just plain couldn't access its delights. That is kind of sad. I most certainly will not be able to blog daily, hopefully weekly though.

I want to get in as much as I can in this post in case it is some time before the opportunity arises again. Bear with me.

What do I love?
the sounds: crickets, frogs, cicadas, birds (especially Willy Wag-tails), and the wind that constantly blows through the coconut palms.

What do I hate?: sand flies. go away already ... my legs have been chewed up enough thank you very much. And bacon that tastes like fish. Ewww.

My favourite foods so far?: popo, kaukau, alpa, mouli, pinap and Tang. I know, I know. If your dishwasher isn't running as well as it once did, pour a packet of Tang in the soap dispenser and let it run. Whatever. You come live here and tell me that when the sweat is rolling down your body, a glass of cold Tang doesn't hit the spot.

My work meri starts coming here this week. Me likim work meri go long house belong me. I am still working on my pisin studies and am not finding much time to do this. Neal has been visiting and going to talk at the gate but I am teaching full time right now and so I will have to learn as much as I can when I can. Liklik liklik (little by little). Julie will help me cook and clean and I will happily pay her for her help. I will also make her a light lunch and some coffee. Mental note: learn how to make coffee before Thursday. Me tingting : em lik Tang?

What am I teaching?: Map 3 (grades 7 and 8) Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere (core 5) Language Arts (what I choose out of that), the Readers, the Read Alouds and the History part.
Daily Grams and Easy Grammar (what I choose out of those)
Music (Lord, help me!)
Art ~ gave this to Neal :)

Map 4/5 (grades 9-12) Learn to Write the Novel Way

Core students, of whom there are 5, with varying learning disabiities

I ditched the formal Spelling (so sorry Abeka) in favour of the Beechick approach. I will collect their journals each week and mark them for spelling and vocabulary errors that creep up often. This will become their personal spelling/vocabulary list to work on. Learn to Write the Novel Way has enough of this built right in and I personally fail to see how learning spelling words one never uses in regular speech helps one overcome a lack of confidence. I am at least trying this method practically for our first term. I also told my High School students to view me as less a teacher, more a coach. I reminded them they should all know how to use a Dictionary also. They are really nervous about writing a novel but I am confident that God will show them they can do it if they put their minds to it. We need a proposal for Friday.

I also told them I would attempt this right alongside them, so I would know how to empathize and also how much work it takes to complete.


emi allright. em now.

yes, it's been a long time coming, but well worth the wait.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Ohhhhhhh it's so good to hear you!! Because even when I read you, I can hear you!

Anonymous said...

How exciting to hear you have arrived and what is going on down there! I thought I would like to hear the wind blowing in the palms when I read that. (I'll have to look up that bird with Joseph.) We are keeping busy here in babyville. Look forward to more blogs whenever you are able.

Linda said...

Yeah! Yippee! You posted.
Each time I open my Google Reader I look for a post that acknowledges your safe arrival. It lookslike you are doing a wonderful job of getting settled in.

I will continue to pray for you all to pick up the language quickly.

I admire your adventure. Look forward to your weekly posts.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing more about your adventure!
Moving is always a new adventure - but it sounds like you went way beyond the normal move.


Henry Cate said...

"Ok, so I exaggurate but I really and truly did not realize how joined at the hip I was to my computer until I just plain couldn't access its delights."

We've been doing a little remodeling. The contractors moved the telephone lines around a bit and we were off the internet for a day. It was rough.