Tuesday, December 9, 2008

tuesday timetable

oh my word. what a week.

my husband has spent the last three days in town trying to re-book some airline tickets that were mysteriously cancelled on us this past Friday.
Going to town is not cheap (read: fifty U.S. dollars a trip), so he will often kalup long pmv and ride to and from. Today was special. He got to cram into a van along with 20 other people (no, I am not kidding). The van has seats for 15.
This IS Papua.
One of the passengers was so drunk, he slept on Neal's shoulder ... isn't Neal hospitable? I always knew I married well.

Tomorrow, Neal gets to repeat the whole process for the fourth day in a row. Isn't he keen? I mean, who wouldn't like to drive or ride for an hour, one way, only to sit down in a plastic chair, waiting, waiting, waiting ... maybe going outside to buy a skolop, then going back inside only to be told "tomorrow I promise ..."

The other day, at the market, Neal and Gabby found the most appropriate shirt:

Kimbe. Land of no return.
slightly humerous.


JenIG said...

holy moly! you've been on my mind all week. praying for you my friend!
love you, jen

Anonymous said...

"Oh my word!" Tasol :-(

halfpint said...

I can relate. When I went to Tanzania,Africa we crammed into a bus with WAAAAAAAAY Too many people. I must say that Neal is 'fortunate' to be exposed to the open air instead of trapped in a vehicle with little windows and a roof :) Hope he doesn't have to go too many more times. What a wonderful exercise in patience!

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