Saturday, January 10, 2009

sampela samting bilong sarare


I wouldn't let anyone else touch the new books but me ... yes, I think it IS a disease ... and Neal acquiesced by acting as Chief Curriculum Checker. That was good since I would likely have had some sort of conniption if a child (or even husband) got to feel a book before me. I cannot explain why. Something must have happened in the womb.

*sigh* I almost couldn't make it to today. I watched my tracking e-mail link like some sort of crazed woman all week. I knew we had missed the first Fed Ex drop off attempt too, back on Thursday. Then Grandma called yesterday to say she wasn't going anywhere so she would take the boxes in when they arrived.

sick, really.
Now that it is all here in front of me, I feel like I am home. In less than two weeks, I can spread this all out in my new livingroom, in my new house, dreaming of bookshelves that I am pretty sure we either sold or gave away. I may not have a couch or any chairs either but I will have books, so who really cares?


SmallWorld at Home said...

Books AND an awesome sweater.

Anonymous said...

Sooo maybe no bookcases? Ikea 2009 catalogue- start at page 73! Also your obsession with books did have something to do with the womb. The nurse came into my labour room and told me that if she didn't move me I'd have the baby in the bed. I told her I couldn't go right then because I was in the middle of reading a good part in an Agatha Christie novel. Half an hour later (8lbs.5 oz) and a 'Sunday's child' as well, I asked if I could please finish my book. Yup! it's all about the books! \O/ Love Mom :-)

Barbara said...

hmmm. I do love books. I must come and see them too...if only I knew how to get to your goat land there.

Luke said...

Happy Box Day!