Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lest this become akward

Who's the most difficult person you've known in your life, and what would you like to tell him or her?

I had a first thought.  This person abused me in a serious way, but I got to tell him exactly what I wanted and needed to say once.  I will never speak to him again.

I had a second thought.  This person left me warped, frustrated, confused and exhausted.  She completely drained me and, consequently, my husband my children and my friends.  It was unhealthy with a capital UN.  Friends would tell me I needed to cut the cords to this relationship but I was hooked and incapacitated.  Finally, one day, my dad put it succinctly enough that I listened.  It was difficult at the time.  I really did love her.  She has been through some horrific things. 

I haven't spoken to her in many years.  I have no plans to take up that yoke again. 

I would tell her that I wish her well but I am not sorry.

I had a third thought.  Is the most difficult person I've known really her, or could it be me?

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