Wednesday, November 17, 2010

stand in the place where you live ...

I think today's prompt is difficult for me since I often ask myself this very question, even outloud:

How did you end up where you're living right now? What factors will help you choose the next place you live?

As usual, for me, a great series of events and choices have led me to the place I currently call "home", some of them good, some not so good.
This is not the place where I grew up.  In fact, the place where I have the majority of my clearest memories doesn't look like it did when I lived there so living here is fine just fine.  I rarely form huge attachments to the places my body finds itself dwelling.  Not sure if that is ok or not ... it just is.

I am pretty sure I've moved 16 times in the last 16 years.  I may have lost count.  I like moving.  I like the challenge and the sense that I get to start over again.  (I think it's much more the latter than the former)  In any case, I'm totally adaptable.

When our time living overseas came to an early end, and Neal's job was still open to him, it just made sense to come back to this little town again.
It isn't my most favourite place on the globe, and I cannot imagine staying here forever, but it's good for now.

I like to travel.
I like change.
I love a lot of people and I want to live closer to many of them.
I would have to move to fulfill those longings, and probably many times over.

I was thinking of that this morning on the drive to work, after last night's concert.   How I love the sound the cello makes.  I love the resonance in the hollow places of my chest.  There isn't anything I can play that re-creates that feeling.

There's a part of me that craves those notes I haven't hit ... yet.

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