Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a life worth living

What turns you on, excites you, makes life worth living?

first and foremost it's music.  all the way, all the time but not all kinds.  I don't dig experimental jazz or the xylophone.  piano is fine but keyboards are usually too loud for me.  no idea why.  keyboard players seem to be divas.  where woodwind is my least favourite, strings make me purr.  I can never get enough of the drums either, as long as they aren't being pounded on just for the sake of making loud, resonant noise.

second is art.  I love to appreciate it, create it, dream it and purchase it.  I want to be more talented in art.

third and last is language.  the whole kit and caboodle.  I love speaking what little french I know and tok pisin whenever I get a chance.  I love writing and reading but feel like it is taking more and more to impress me these days.  I cannot stand margaret atwood, susanna moodie, janet evanovich or romance fluff.  I cannot get enough of chaim potok, shakespeare, yann martel or steve martin.  I wish I was a for real writer.

as for the rest ... you know who you are.


Queenofthehill said...

I have to disagree on Janet Evanovich -- yes, it is all fluff. Yes, it is all amoral, BUT I think there is value in being able to write exactly like one thinks. Well, at least exactly like I think. Her talent is that she covers the scene and doesn't throw in a lot of extra words, like I am prone to do. I love her spare writing style, if not her story line. When I read her writing, I am constantly amazed by its simplicity. I think it is art work. There. I said it. A writer of literary junk CAN be an artist too. ;-) I wish I could communicate so clearly.

Onfire said...

well, friend, I believe you just did!