Friday, November 11, 2011


this is the first time i have lived in a place where remembrance day is actually a holiday.  i must confess i am a little baffled by it.  for so many years i wondered what the point of a "week" of sort of remembering was, especially to kids.  the war seems so far removed from most of our daily lives, especially, perhaps, as canadians.  i do have a handful of friends who have relatives that served just recently, but a handful is all i know.  my uncle had a uniform from the canadian air force, but i am pretty sure i remember mom saying that he didn't get to serve much because his eyesight was considered to be too poor.

i used to put that uniform on
the hat was my favourite part
the thing i remember the most about it was how incredibly itchy the material was, and it made me wonder how anyone could stand it
but maybe that was partly the point ... that constant reminder ... a continual small pain ... just enough to make you want to do something about it

i did not attend any ceremonies or services today.  i don't usually.  but i am listening to a beautiful remembrance day edition of tempo on cbc and i am finding myself incredibly moved by symphony of sorrowful songs by henryk gorecki.  i had no idea that notes could get that low and that under my skin


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